First Aid For Espresso Machines – Röststätte

  • Röststätte 173 Ackerstraße Berlin, Berlin, 10115 Germany

First Aid For Espresso Machines: Technical Essentials & Open Q&A with Ivo Weller

When it comes to coffee we know that a lot of things are subjective. But not when it comes to technical aspects of espresso machines, maintenance and repairs. Keeping the machine running perfectly has the highest priority in our daily business.

Ivo Weller will welcome you for a chat and a short workshop about technical essentials to understand the most important technical aspects of espresso machines and grinder. Cleaning group heads, changing gaskets, cleaning burrs, general maintenance work and technical know-how about machines.
Get the chance to ask all your questions in an open Q&A round and to play with the installed Black Eagle Gravitech and Mythos One.

The entrance is free and everybody is welcome to join. There'll be drinks and some special brews by Röststätte Berlin for the guests.

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About Ivo Weller

Ivo Weller, founder of Röststätte Berlin and Victoria Arduino’s general distributor VA espresso machines GmbH is not only roaster, certified resident-coffee-sommelier and one of the first Arabica-Q-Grader in Germany. Ivo is also one of the most experienced technical heads in the coffee business industry. He’s dealing more than 15 years professionally with coffee and appropriate equipment technologies and has more than 30 years’ entrepreneurial experience in the gastronomic sector.