Aged, Creamy, and Stinky: What Cheese Can Teach Us About the Power of Language - Francis Percival

Francis Percival speaking at CoLab Barcelona 2016.

Within the Anglo-Saxon world, farmhouse cheese sits in a very similar niche to specialty coffee: although consumers eat plenty of cheese, most do so at a commodity grade. The precipitous decline of the industry over the course of the twentieth century has not just made farmhouse cheesemakers an endangered species, consumers have themselves forgotten the art of how to buy cheese. So how can we re-engage these customers across the counter? Drawing upon examples from the UK, USA, and France, and recent research into the power of metaphor, this presentation will discuss how the language that we use to describe the product itself shapes consumer preferences.

How The Flavour Of The Wilds Builds Culture And Community - The Foragers.

The Foragers speaking at CoLab Berlin 2017.

Foraged ingredients have become a key element of many leading restaurant and bar menus. In a time where sustainability, local and traceable are considered across the industries, foraging feels like the perfect anitidote to our tech driven existence. Drawing similarities between the idea of the cafe as a social and community space and the natural world as a place for commnity gatherings, the Foragers will lead us into a world of wild spaces. Offering up the chance to experience these perhaps-forgotten traditional herbs and plants, by combining flavours. They will also introduce one cultural space and practice to another - the medieval forest to the modern cafe.


Sustainability Asks First And Solves Second - Kim Elena Ionescu

The role of the barista has evolved significantly over the past decade, and there arelikely more professional, educated, dedicated baristas now than ever before. Despite the progress, major questions remain tobe answered about not only what baristas need, but also what we want from this role, what we value in a working environment, and what would strengthen our commitment to the profession. Kim Elena Ionescu, the Director of Sustainability for the SCAA, has spent much of the past year working to raise awareness of issues surrounding coffee farm workers – for example, labor shortage – and hearing from workers themselves what they struggle with and value. In her lecture at CoLab Barcelona, Kim will share findings from interviews and research on coffee farm workers, andinan accompanying workshop, baristas will begin a process of asking and answering questions on similar themes at the opposite end of the value chain.