The Challenges of Being A Biological Coffee Farmer - Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe speaking at CoLab Bucharest 2018

Biological farming presents a number of unique challenges. Tim Wendelboe walked us through the challenges and lessons he’s learned from starting his own coffee farm, Finca el Suelo.

He shares how he’s adjusted his techniques and perspective as he learns more about the land and about coffee farming (Hint: it involves compost and microscopes).

Tim also spoke at CoLab Paris in 2015 about soil biology. You can watch that talk here.

From Education to Calibration: Maintaining Tasting Skills - Marie Pohler

Marie Pohler speaking at CoLab Bucharest 2018

Off-note, taint, and defect education provides vital knowledge throughout the supply chain to support our pursuit of the perfect coffee. But how do we ensure our tasting aptitude remains as high as the day we finished training and became qualified?

Marie’s presentation is about maintaining high tasting skills after training and qualification and into professional life. In this talk, she dives deep into the calibration tools and software used across multiple beverage sectors to enhance and maintain sensory knowledge and abilities. Learn how more than 40,000 sensory professionals ensure they remain masters of their craft.