For the past year, the current working group has worked hard to deliver memorable and educational events which provided the opportunity for the European barista community to connect, develop and learn from one another. Building an online community through regular dialogue updates and conversations around sustainability was also a feature of the current Working Group's activities. The coming weeks will see the second 'BGE elections', which will allow our members - the European barista community - to vote for a brand new Working Group to lead BGE through 2017. 

We've been overwhelmed with the quantity and the quality of the nominations. We're excited to see so many familiar faces - baristas who've returned from Camp, or CoLab, with an increased excitement and passion for our profession - and who feel confident that they too can make a change! 

The elections for a maximum of seven places on the Working Group will take place from Sunday February 5th to Tuesday February 7th and the results will be announced on 16th February. Each SCA member will have the opportunity to vote in the elections. Please note that existing SCAE membership is accepted and new membership applications will be allowed to vote, but the votes will only count IF membership payments are received before the end of elections on 7th February 2017. Practically it means you'll have to sign-up no later than Wednesday 30th January in order to process your membership and payment. Details of how to vote will be shared via email to all eligible members.

Without much further ado: here's the nominees for the new 2017 working group, listed alphabetically!