Barista Guild of Europe

Barista Guild of Europe (BGE) is an association of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)
dedicated to developing the role of the barista within Europe.

Its primary goal is to foster community and professionalism among people
whose income derives from making cups of specialty-grade coffee. 

BGE in 2016

The new working group has some exciting new projects in store for you, based on the following 3 goals BGE will focus on in 2016:

  • Spreading Education (beyond CDS)
  • Career Support
  • Sustainability

In addition to this year's editions of CoLab (in Antwerp and Barcelona) and Barista Camp, and more Dialogue, we've already started working on Jobshub, our online resources, tips and tricks on how to get hired, as well as new opportunities. Bring on 2016!

This was Barista Camp 2016!

This year's Barista Camp, held in Pärnu, Estonia, saw 128 delegates from 27 countries arriving to Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa to receive hands-on training with the equipment, small wares, and coffee provided by our partners.

Relive some of the great moments of Camp, and our other events, through our picture galleries - or catch up on the highlights from European Coffee Trip.

CoLab: 2016

BGE brought CoLab to Barcelona November 28-30 with a brand new interactive format set to engage with the local community and provide the opportunity to get up close and personal with the event speakers. CoLab'ers enjoyed a chocolate tasting and tour of local craft chocolate factory, 3 varied speakers and workshops, a panel with local Spanish cafe owners and a range of fringe events across the city.

BGE are busy working on the program for CoLab 2017. Got an idea for the next location for CoLab? Get in touch.