Barista Guild of Europe would like to share an exclusive opportunity for Barista Guild members in Europe and globally to take priority in the allocation of the Barista and Brewer shifts at World of Coffee, Budapest 13-15 June. The World of Coffee Espresso Bar and Brew Bar are both positioned in prominent areas of the championships arena – offering you the chance to connect with competitors and spectators through the buzz of the championships! Working at the bars will encourage you to form new international connections, give you the chance to try out new equipment and feel like you're an essential part of the World of Coffee team!

Volunteers will be expected to serve customers in a professional and kind manner, and to keep an unbiased and professional attitude with respect to the sponsored products. A Lead Barista or Brewer is an experienced barista in different brewing methods, who will be in charge of a station at the bar: you will have to prepare coffee, serve customers, keep the bar and equipment clean and sometimes manage other baristas/stewards. Baristas & Brewers will work under the Leads, helping to prepare and serve coffees.

Applicants should possess the following:

  • 1-year minimum experience as a lead barista in a specialty coffee environment
  • Coffee Diploma System Intermediate level or BGA level one in Brewing or Barista
  • an up to date SCA membership (secondary members included)

To apply for any of the shifts available at World of Coffee 2017 follow the link below. The password to unlock the exclusive lead shifts is: BGE2017

Image credit to Caroline Irwin