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Andrew Tolley

Andrew has been a barista for 7 years (2005-2012), is a founding member of the BGE, and Co-Founder of Taylor St Baristas cafes and roastery where he has been working as Head Of Coffee since 2006.

Andrew has been involved as a judge in national and international competitions since 2011, alongside winning the UK Cup Tasters Championship in 2015, and achieving 2nd place in the World Tea Brewer's Championship in 2016. He was also a trainer at the London School of Coffee from 2009 to 2011.

What’s your position within the Working Group? Chair - responsible for coordinating the agenda and keeping everyone focused on the big picture.

What are your ambitions for BGE? I'm highly ambitious for BGE. It is the voice for European baristas. This means representing baristas' interests to the SCA board.  We are building the barista community through events like CoLab in Berlin and Belfast as well as the exceptional Barista camp (venue announcement coming soon). We are also building the community by creating committees so that more baristas can get involved in the Guild and influence the issues that impact their lives. The committees are education, membership, events, and unification. Through the committees, we will address issues like technology's impact on the barista profession, managing your coffee career progression, developing the relevant skill set for your future, and linking job providers with job hunters. We are also going to continue our theme from 2016 - sustainability in specialty coffee. We need to define specialty coffee and also the standards that should be achieved from professional baristas. 

What are your personal coffee ambitions for 2017? Learn more about the drivers of profitability in coffee farming. 

Espresso...single origin or blend? Both can be very good. From a roaster's production perspective though, singles are a lot easier.

Jessie May Peters

Jessie May is currently the Head of Coffee for Ten Belles in Paris. She is a designer at heart and loves the challenge of refining big ideas into manageable chunks of information. She has been volunteering with the BGE for the past two years and hopes she can continue to help the Guild grow this year as well.

What’s your position within the Working Group? I am Chair of the Communications Committee, and Vice Chair of the Unification Committee.

What are your ambitions for BGE? My goal is to continue to make the BGE a source of relevant and representative information for its members. This content is two-fold, local and international. One important focus will be working with the SCA to publish practical information about unification. Another is to use our platform to represent local community and give voice to our members. I aim to see more discourse between events and to make the BGE a rolling conversation with the community across the year.

What are your personal coffee ambitions for 2017? One of them is about to happen! I am doing my first trip to origin in a few weeks, to Colombia. It will also be my first time outside of Europe, and I can't contain the excitement. Also, we have been training two of our team for the French Cup Tasters Championships, who will compete this week. So seeing them compete will be another goal checked. Aside from those two, I aim to meet as many of you as possible at WOC, and later in the year at CoLab and Camp!

Espresso...single origin or blend? Single origin. Roasters who blend their coffee do so to create a specific flavour profile. A percentage of one, a percentage of another (and maybe more). The roasters envisage that their precise efforts will become what the drinker, drinks. Yet each espresso dose ground is unlikely to reflect the roasters' intentions. Every dose will produce variance. 90/10? 80/20? 50/50? My opinion is that the blend in its current mode is not an effective tool for producing consistency. To achieve the roasters intentions in a shop, we would need to blend by hand. Or use a twin hopper grinder which could reproduce the intended blend. But until someone makes one of those, consistency is not yet in sight, and I'll stick with single origin.

Agnieszka Rojewska

Bio: Agnieszka has worked with coffee in Poland for 8 years where she was the first female AST. She co-owns a Star Wars themed coffee shop in Poznań and is two times polish barista and latte art champion. Agnieszka has also been in the final six of WLAC in Shanghai 2016. 

In her spare time, she likes to read, play some sports and is completing a PhD degree in economics (the dissertation is about coffee of course).

What’s your position within the Working Group? I’m part of Education Committee.

What are your ambitions for BGE? I would love to see more baristas in Europe and outside of Europe to be connected by BGE events – so that the barista community has a place not only to learn something new but also to exchange experiences, discuss and create. I would also love BGE to provide more education around competitions for baristas and to encourage them to compete because I think that competing make baristas push their own boundaries. 

What are your personal coffee ambitions for 2017? The closest one is to have a good result in World Latte Art Championship – I would love to be in the Semifinals! Others are to compete again in the World Latte Art Battle and improve on last year. And last but the most important to finally open my own training centre in Poznań.

Espresso...single origin or blend? It doesn’t matter as long as it is a good espresso 😊

Davide Cobelli

Bio: Davide Cobelli is 41 years old and started out his career in a hospitality school many many years ago (too many). On June 2016 Davide opened a Coffee Academy in Verona (Italy) and is also the owner of the "StopBadCoffee Project".

Other credentials include - SCAE member since 2011; AST (Barista Skills, Brewing) since 2013; 2015-2016 Italy Education Coordinator; 2016 Board of Directors SCAE (Education Committee)

What’s your position within the Working Group? I’m Vice-chair of the BGE Education Committee 

What are your ambitions for BGE? I’d like to see all the Baristas connected to each other and their amazing job and to be recognised as a professional part of the coffee industry. This means more quality, higher wages for Baristas but also more responsibility 😊

What are your personal coffee ambitions for 2017? Well, my coffee ambitions are more long term. I’m sure that as BGE we’ll continue growing the community, but personally, I hope to create my own training centre group around Europe. I already have a Coffee Academy in Italy and my dream is to open in few other countries around the world. 

Espresso...single origin or blend? That depends on the situation, I’m mostly for a single origin.


Patrick O'Malley

Patrick O'Malley


What’s your position within the Working Group? BGE Education Chair Person

What are your ambitions for BGE? To help create meaningful and useful education and education support for barista's world wide. For example, a useful jobs board connecting baristas and employers.

What are your personal coffee ambitions for 2017? My wholesale company Espresso Italia producers of Infusion Coffee and Tea to obtain new packaging machinery and automate our packaging line and add 3 new employees. At Infusion Coffee and Tea our retail cafe we are opening a second location in the city center of Phoenix in the largest building on the 33rd floor this cafe will have a full bar, espresso bar and some food one half of the cafe is private for members and the other half is open to the public and tenants of the building, at 4PM the entire cafe opens to the public for happy hour with the best 360 views of Phoenix. For IBCA our school we are just about to add my wife Anca as an AST, we will start to offer more SCA education courses in our lab as well as continue to grow our training overseas, we are also adding 2 Q courses in 2017 and in July I start my Q Grader Trainer program. 

Espresso...single origin or blend? I am a blend lover I have over 50 blends in our receive book and in our cafe we offer Push an amazing blend of Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil, and Liquid Pie a blend of Kenya, Costa Rica natural and Ethiopia that taste like a lemon pie with strawberrys on top. But we also offer all 18 origins as Espresso, V60, Chemex, Areopress, Moka Pot, Syphon,and  Ibrik!


Silvia Constantin

My activity in coffee started in 2004, when I opened a coffee magazine in Eastern Europe.

After this, I started the SCA Romanian Chapter and I started to organize barista competitions.

In 2011 I open first barista school in Romania, I start to judge coffee competitions and I like to work with barista to help them in competitions.

I love to experiment with them, to give them power to discover them self.

I really love BGE project because is a new step to educate baristas.

Recently, I was invited to judge in origins countries – I really love these new experiences.


Tibor Várady

Tibor is a barista and a proprietor in Espresso Embassy in Budapest.

In 2013, he placed 6th in the World Brewers Cup and 3rd in the World Aeropress Championship in Melbourne.

Previous to his coffee life, Tibor was an environmental lawyer in a hungarian NGO, as well as a community organiser and activist.


Stuart Ritson

Stuart Ritson (@sritson) works with his team at Café Imports Europe in Berlin. He’s been working in the coffee industry for the last 6 years as a barista, café manager, wholesale manager and now helping roasters around Europe to source the best coffees possible.

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