CoLab combines a full day of educational content with 2 half days on either side to discover the host city’s coffee community and culture. For CoLab: Paris, we're really proud to announce a compelling program in collaboration with Frogfight and Tamper Tantrum.

Tuesday November 17 | The first sip

CoLab: Paris begins in the afternoon – giving you plenty of time to fly in – and we’ll be running registration throughout the afternoon so you can find your accommodation (find out more about local hosting here) and freshen up before or after collecting your pass.

From 14:00 registration will be open at Télescope cafe, just a few minutes walk from the Louvre. Owner and BGE working group member, Nico Clerc, will be on hand to provide local tips, directions and recommendations whilst the rest of the BGE team will issue you with your map, schedule, and delicious coffee.

Later that evening, Lockwood will be the location for an extra-ordinary barista-focussed wine tasting where attendees will be guided through a selection of wines helping us explore the effects of terroir and processing in an industry with many similarities (and many differences!) from the specialty coffee world. Following this you’ll be free to remain, enjoy wine or cocktails, and chat all things coffee, or head to bed to be prepared and ready for the following day's lectures—it’s up to you! 


Wednesday November 18 | The body

We’re very excited to be hosting Tamper Tantrum in Paris, who are back with a new line-up of inspiring speakers, inviting dialogue, and passionate discussion. From 9:00 onwards, we'll be taking over Coutume Instituutti with a program of speakers and discussions that you won’t want to miss!

Each speaker will give a 20 minute presentation, which will be followed by Q&A with the audience. Speakers will also take part in panel discussions, led by hosts Steve Leighton and Colin Harmon.  We’re fairly certain you’re going to have lots of questions for our speakers, so bring a notebook and a pen!

We’ll break for delicious coffee - by our coffee partners - in between the talks to allow time for discussion with fellow CoLab attendees. FrogFightour local host partner, are working hard on a super french food experience, both for lunch and dinner.


Thursday November 19 | The aftertaste

After a full day of coffee-knowledge, when you wake on Thursday, we’ll be focussed on giving you the best chance to experience the specialty coffee that Paris offers today.

From 10.00 you can return to Télescope, where there will be an ongoing side-by-side cupping of all the coffees served at CoLab so you get to taste everything that was on offer in one fell swoop. Other cafes featured on your maps are aware that the coffee-geeks are in town, so a number of them will be running cuppings of coffees from alternative local roasters throughout the morning, sharing in the celebration of the vibrant and growing community.



Thumbnail image ©Paris Tourism Office - Photographer Sarah Sergent