About Us

Barista Guild of Europe (BGE) is an association of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) dedicated to developing the role of the barista within Europe. Its primary goal is to foster community and professionalism among people whose income derives from making cups of specialty-grade coffee.

The BGE working group has committed to the following 3 goals as a focus:

  • Spreading Coffee Education
  • Providing Career Support
  • Focusing on Sustainability

BGE Activities

Barista Camp is program geared towards baristas and cafe managers that provides education and social activities, focusing on encouraging varied dialogue and sparking discussion on sustainability. Got ideas for topics and speakers? Get in touch.

Our BGE online Dialogue page will continue to flourish as we add to the content of talks from a wide range of event speakers from Camp and CoLabs.

Career support has been identified as one of the key objectives in sustainability of baristas in the coffee industry so we are endeavouring to develop an online “Jobshub” of career advice, a space to offer recommendations on career paths, applying for jobs and how to negotiate as an employee.

Working Group

Behind BGE is a group of enthusiastic volunteers, working towards achieving BGE's goals and objectives. The current working group members can be found here.