BGE’s Barista Camp offers opportunities to develop and learn as a barista in a setting that promotes sharing ideas, new experiences, and being part of a wider community. The 2016 Barista Camp, held in the beautiful coastal town of Pärnu, ran over four days and included professional education from one of five SCAE Coffee Diploma System tracks, cutting-edge lectures, shared tasting experiences, and lots of fun. 
This year saw 128 Barista Camp delegates from 26 countries arriving to Estonia Resort & Spa to receive hands-on training with the equipment, small wares, and coffee provided by our partners. An additional 50 volunteers, ASTs (trainers), crew and international speakers were also onsite, interacting with sponsors’ coffee and equipment as they prepared for classes, lectures, and large-scale tastings. 


Following the successful format of Barista Camp 2015, we offered several educational tracks, in addition to group lectures and tastings, and of course social activities to wind down. Each track consisted of either one Intermediate CDS module, or two Foundation level modules!

These were the available tracks:

  • Barista Intermediate
  • Sensory Intermediate
  • Green Intermediate
  • your choice of 2 Foundation modules:
    • Barista Foundation & Brewing Foundation
    • Barista Foundation & Green Foundation
    • Sensory Foundation & Brewing Foundation
    • Sensory Foundation & Green Foundation

Have a look at the schedule above for an idea of the Barista Camp program.


The Coffee Diploma System courses are taught by an excellent team of authorised trainers (ASTs) assisted by an amazing group of volunteers. Through an application process, BGE selects those ASTs who have a proven track record as a trainer; possesses in-depth course-specific knowledge, as well as excellent teaching skills.


Complementing the courses at Barista Camp, is a series of 'coffee talks' by coffee professionals from around the world. The talks cover a wide range of topics focusing on either practical knowledge for a barista's day-to-day activities or expanding their view to the broader industry and coffee supply chain. Each of the 2015 Camp talks has been recorded by European Coffee Trip, and we'll be sharing the videos through our Dialogue page. 

Media and Photo coverage

BGE has the pleasure to work with excellent Media Partners, and here's some of their coverage of Barista Camp 2016.

Jordan Sanchez did an most amazing job at capturing many of the great moments at Barista Camp - make sure to have a look at our Flickr Photo Gallery.

Through the eyes of the attendees

Using our #BaristaCampEU hashtag and a polaroid photowall at Camp for the best pictures, delegates were excited to share their view and experiences at Camp with fellow attendees, or sad colleagues left at home. Here's some of the best posts, but do have a look at the entire tagboard too!





Thumbnail image: 📸 Andres Putting