Frequently Asked Questions  

What is CoLab?  

CoLab is a seminar series, which combines a full day of compelling educational content with 2 half days on either side to discover the host city's coffee community and culture. CoLab: focuses on connecting a local community with the international barista scene, both through hosting lectures and workshops as well as creating activities to discover and celebrate the local coffee scene. 


What does the program look like?  

Here is an example of a typical CoLab program format –  

Day 1 –  

13:00 – Registration opens 

14:00 – Attendees are invited to join a local tour of the city 

16:00 – Cupping with the CoLab coffee partners at a local café 

19:00 – CoLab launch party  


Day 2 –  

09:00 – Meet at the main CoLab venue for morning coffee 

10:00 – 12:30 – Presentations from 3 speakers 

12:30 – Lunch  

13:30 – 17:00 – Workshops on rotation so each attendee experiences a workshop with all 3 of the speakers 

17:00 – Panel discussions 

19:00 – Social activity  


Day 3 – 

09:00 – BGE Breakfast 

10:00 – 19:00 - Community Events  


What’s included in my ticket price? 

Access to all of the events highlighted above, including lunch and snacks on the main day. 

Tell me more about the speaker program. 

CoLab offers the chance for attendees to delve deeper into the speaker presentation topics through a workshop program. Each speaker will elaborate on their presentation and provide practical activities and exercises for attendees.  

The workshop element of the CoLab program increases the value of the speakers and sets CoLab apart from other speaker events.  


Why should I come to CoLab?  

Lots of reasons! Here’s our top 5 –  

  1. Knowledge sharing  

  1. Networking  

  1. Professional development  

  1. Discover a new coffee community  

  1. Contribute to the coffee community and your peer group  


When is the next event?  

29-31 May, Bucharest  


Where can I buy a ticket for CoLab?  

Register for the event here: 


What’s a community event?  

A community event is hosted by a coffee business within the host city. For example a cupping, tasting or presentation at a café or roaster. 

CoLab community events typically take place on the last (3rd) day of the CoLab program.  

I live in the host city – how can I get involved? 

Get in touch with