Tibor Várady - Welcome to CoLab: Antwerp

Before the release of the first in our video series of Tamper Tantrum speakers from BGE CoLab: Antwerp in April 2016 we'd like to offer up this little taster of what's to come. Current BGE chair, Tibor Várady took the opportunity to say a few words and welcome CoLab'ers to our third event with host partners, Tamper Tantrum. 

Focusing on elections and community, Tibor reminds us of the power we have as members of SCAE to 'have our say' and that we are all in a position to help mould the future of the association. 

Following an introduction to the BGE working group members, Tibor leaves us on a high reminding us that not only will we be inspired by the speakers of the day but that 'our biggest inspiration might come in the casual moments that we share with one another during the event.'

A poignant start to an incredible day of presentations – we look forward to sharing the Tamper Tantrum speaker videos from CoLab:Antwerp with you over the coming months. First up on Monday 20 June is Charlotte Malaval's insightful talk on the world of freelance barista-ing.