Member Driven Events

We want to support your efforts to connect with local coffee professionals and build your network! The Barista Guild of Europe encourages members and their companies to hold events that support community-building and enrichment by fostering communication, understanding, and respect between members of the barista community. We provide this support in many ways, one of which is our Member Driven Events (MDE) program. Learn how you can host your own MDE!

Steps to Submit a Member Driven Event

Step 1: Fill out the online request form. It’s ideal to submit your request at least 1 month prior to your event date to ensure maximum exposure and participation.

Step 2: Once we confirm your membership status, your event will be posted to the BGE events calendar and shared your through our social media channels.

Step 3: During the event, please be sure to encourage the use of the hashtag #BGEMDE so that other members can follow along. If you would like to provide a recap of the MDE, please email us at we'll post it on the BGE blog!

Event Types

● Themed, Peer Tasting and Reviews
● Roaster/Cafe Crawls
● Tastings and Pairings with other products
● Round Tables/Forums
● Latte Art Throwdown