BGE and its activities are designed to build a professional barista community, regardless of location or membership of any organisation, but in order to make a voting system work, we need to have a system of determining what makes a member and what allows them to vote. 

BGE was created to serve the needs of a core area of it’s membership: the barista community. SCA realised that a vehicle that allowed baristas themselves to determine the scope and activities of this organisation would assist the growth of a stronger coffee community. While our event financing comes from sponsorship and ticket revenue, our operational costs are funded from SCA's membership budget. 

How to become a BGE member?

We have set the following criteria to determine BGE membership:

  • If you, personally, are a SCA member (Barista Individual categories), your BGE membership is automatically included in your SCA membership.
  • If you currently work for a SCA company member, you have the possibility to join via your company representative. So, find out who that is within your company and tell them to let us know you want to be a BGE member!
  • If you or your company are not yet a member of SCA and you would like to join BGE, registering for SCA barista membership will automatically include your BGE membership.

If you're unsure what category your SCA membership is, please email to find out!

Member benefits

On top of all the benefits that are included in a SCA membership – such as the eligibility to compete, discounts on events, and access to research – members have a true voice in their Barista Guild, and the direction it takes in the future. BGE membership benefits include the following:

  • The right to vote for your BGE Working Group representatives.
  • The opportunity to lead the direction of BGE by standing for election to the Working Group, and representing the barista community.
  • Discounts to BGE educational and community-building events, such as Barista Camp and CoLab. If you attend two events a year, or one event and a CDS course, your membership pretty much pays for itself!


€66.50 annual membership dues