Barista Camp is a great way to learn, develop and become part of a wider community. This isn't about competition, or being the best - simply being better and enjoying what you do.

Barista Camp is BGE’s key event for the European barista community, presenting a unique opportunity to develop and learn in a setting that promotes eduction, sharing ideas, new experiences, and being part of a wider community. Every year, the event attracts around 200 baristas for four coffee-fuelled days of education, discussion, tastings and fun. Participants choose between different tracks of SCA’s Coffee Skills Program modules. In addition to these training sessions, Barista Camp offers lectures and large-scale tasting sessions focusing on a variety of cutting-edge subjects. A beautiful setting and exciting social activities in the evenings help baristas relax and connect with new friends from all over Europe.

Grow as a professional barista

The educational core of the Camp is based on industry standards provided by SCA’s Coffee Skills Program. Participants are offered the choice between different tracks, with optional certification. The tracks are composed of a variety of modules to cater for baristas with diverse skill levels and interests. You’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on training by some of the best certified trainers, who possess in-depth course-specific knowledge, as well as an excellent track record as a teacher.

Get serious about your career

The modules are an excellent way to start working towards your Coffee Diploma. When you pass certification you’ll receive 10 points that count towards your Diploma! Professional education is a great way to enhance your career in coffee, and with recognised qualification, you can prove your skills to potential employers.

Unique educational content for all levels

In addition to the CSP modules, Barista Camp offers cutting-edge content through lectures and tastings on a variety of topics such as sustainability, new processing techniques, customer experience and even a look at other similar industries we can learn from. Whether you’ve recently started out as a barista, or have been around for a couple of years, Camp is a unique opportunity to be challenged and to take your skills to the next level.

Test the industry’s most advanced equipment

Barista Camp is made possible with the help of some of the best companies the speciality coffee industry has to offer. Companies who are eager to create an ongoing relationship with baristas, and are excited to be part of a movement to improve and professionalise the Specialty Coffee industry in Europe and beyond. You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a variety of different machines and the newest equipment available in the European market.

One of the best memories you’ll have in the next 10 years.

At Barista Camp, learning and developing as a barista is a shared activity. You are not alone at Camp: 200 baristas from all over Europe are brought together to share stories and experiences, discuss problems or fears they are facing, and learn from each other. All participants, including trainers and lecturers, are split into smaller teams for fun team competitions and to create a great opportunity to meet new people. Set at a beautiful sunny locale, we’ve got a whole bunch of fun activities planned in the evenings, to help you relax, connect with peers and have an experience you’ll never forget! 

Why attend Barista Camp?

There’s really heaps of value in Barista Camp. Here’s another list of all the things you get out of attending Camp:

  • 4 days of professional education

  • get certified and work towards your Coffee Diploma

  • cutting-edge content through lectures and tastings

  • opportunity to test the industry’s most advanced coffee machines and tools

  • meet and connect with peers as well as teachers and potential mentors